For many years NetSim has guided engineers in their path to build and optimize district heating / cooling grids all around the world. 

The software have been at the forefront of nearly every major DH/DC project in the Nordics.


Here´s why!




The Elevator Pitch


Grid Simulation Software, NetSim will give you a greater knowledge about your grid and lower your pumping- and energy costs for the future if you are in the planning stage, or right now if you are looking into optimizing your existing grid. NetSim offers it all!

 Create what´s called grid models which is geographical information from your Grid Information System (GIS) together with consumption data from your billing system. Once this is done you as a user can create any static- or dynamic simulation of your grid. The purpose could be to dimension a new pipe, or on a larger scale, to see what reactions you have in a grid if the main power plant goes down.



NetSim Key Notes


NetSim will help with

Placement/dimensioning of pumps

Unraveling of "bottle neck pipe"

Sectioning of grids

Discover cold water stalls in summer time

Merging of grids

To create customer supply feasibility studies


so that your company can

Increase your knowledge about the grid

Lower your total energy usage in the grid

Lower the pumping costs in the grid

Predict the network behavior and therefore lower the maintenance costs

Improve your planning skills


NetSim in 24 Minutes.


Our World


Grid Simulation Software, NetSim are today used by 70+ grid owners and consultants from all over the world. DH/DC grids of all sizes and from all different phases of their life cycle are represented in NetSim today.



Knowledge at Hand.
Whenever. Wherever.



NetSim could be run as a high end cloud solution. You do then have access to the full system via your domain anytime and anywhere. Perfect for busy consultants and grid owners.


If you rather prefer a local installation this could be done directly on your computer, or at your local server solution, if you are a team where eveyone needs the information at hand.


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